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Current website problem I’m trying to solve is how to get the most recent 3-5 posts I’ve made on Mastodon onto my sidebar. Found a plug-in that gets me part of the way there. It does grab my feed and I can use a shortcode to place it anywhere I want (currently have it on a page), but there’s no built in way ti limit how many posts show. Also, I don’t know how to fix that myself. Once upon a time, I probably did know how, but not today. Guess I’ll just keep poking at it over time, or maybe I’ll contact the guy who wrote the plugin.

I’ve now stared at it for long enough that my vision is blurry and I have a headache, so time for lunch and maybe a little nap.

Addendum: Found a better way to solve the problem. This better way also has the potential to solve another problem. Am now tired of working on this stuff.

Addendum to the Addendum: Ok, that problem solved. Going to stop working on all of this now, because the rest of the problems can wait. Nap required immediately.

2 thoughts on “Current Blog Problem

  1. Holy Snoozle!!! And by that I mean, respect! And this is serious, from the guy who’s been (trying) to build his web page. OMGs, what fresh hell is this? Everything is a shill, it’s one shill wrapped in another shill, but wait, for $20USD/mo you can re-purchase your Right to pay for the same thing over and over again, in the fervent hope that you will forget about having done so and pay for what should be freeware until the apocalypse, the rapture, or hell freezes over. Thanks.

    You’ve always been way out in front of me in HTML and all this voodoo, but we are both on some other planet now. I can’t figure out if it’s more Start Wars or Star Trek, but it’s not the web as we know it Orb. Paying in NZD ($1USD=0.50NZD) seriously doesn’t make it any easier. I thought getting the basics together would be a two-day project — it’s a week later now, and I have the basics. Your Mastadon problem made me go cross-eyed, and you have it fixed before you finish explaining what the problem is! I have a whole new appreciation and have formally put in a request to be reincarnated as one of your cats! (“No, don’t do it!” The spray bottle from hell!)

  2. Yup, lotta things that once were free now expect monthly payments for eternity. Ain’t doing it. I am though thinking of learning to write my own plugins, which I will not charge people to use. And also, yup … things have gotten even more complicated. I’m still trying to get my old blog to where I want it, and it’s been a month now? I mean, it’s functional at this point, but no bells or whistles yet! I need some bells and whistles. Also need a good design, but that’ll happen when it happens.

    And … it’s Water Bottle of Doom. OF DOOOOOOOM!!! 🤣

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