Crushed by Conan

I continue to be crushed (so very crushed) about my lost Conan Exiles progress. After signing up for the official forums and posting a bug report with a bit of complaining, I scoured the internet for any info I could find. There have been others who have had this happen, and it always seems to be on consoles (Xbox mostly). Anyway, a few folks solved the problem by deleting and reinstalling the game, which I am now doing. For good measure, once that’s done (two hours from now) I will also clear the PS5 cache. There’s nothing more I can do. If this doesn’t reconnect me with my character, all is truly lost.

Will I start anew if I can’t restore my save? Doubtful. It’s a shame, because I was really enjoying the game, but I had done so much and gotten so far, to start over just feels like too much work. Maybe eventually in the future, but not right now. Guess I’ll go back to No Man's Sky, which I’ve been neglecting lately due to playing barbarian.