Construction Zone

Pointed my second domain to the new hosting server this morning. Now nothing remains of my existence at the prior host. Feels good. There’s nothing going on at that domain right now, but at least it’s set up and ready to go. Currently, it’s just pointing at this one, until such time as I decide which of my plans for it is the one I really want to run with and have time to do it.

The behind the scenes work at Just Orb is pretty much finished. Well, as finished as any of my websites ever are. I’ll be perpetually poking and prodding and changing things. Nature of the beast, I suppose. I shall now turn my eye to how the thing looks. If I’m being completely honest, I like how it looks right now, but we live in a world where people appreciate some whiz-bang and bling more than a bunch of boring words, so maybe I doll the place up a bit. Maybe not. After all, this is mostly just a place for me to shout into the void and wave my arms around helplessly. If anyone other than myself or my husband reads it, that’s just a bonus situation.

And again … if anyone looking at this on an actual desktop computer could let me know if it looks and works okay, that’d be great. I continue to not possess a computer, so I only know how it looks/works on mobile.