Breakin’ the Law

Our favorite local vape shop got busted by the feds for not having the appropriate licenses to sell hand-crafted ecig juice. It’s a lengthy and extremely expensive process that only a small business owner who started from a position of wealth could afford. The owner of our little vape shop was not wealthy. Not close to getting wealthy either. They’re still open (for now) selling hardware, mass produced ecig juice, and delta 8/CBD juices. That last one is interesting, because both of those products are of dubious legality in our state, so they may get busted again soon. Hard to say.

Since we can’t get the artisan juice we have enjoyed for some years now, guess we’ll have to pick out some mass produced juice instead, with all the added chemicals I’d rather not inhale. Looks like I’m back to working on giving up nicotine. For the best, really.