And now I’ve just noticed that since my Hometown server was updated, now the RSS feed of my fediverse posts are all attempting to have a title, which they don’t, so every one of them in the sidebar starts with “No Title…” and that irritates. Now I have to go back and figure out how to stop that from happening. Guess that’ll be today’s side project. Grrrr.

Update: Sorta fixed it. Went back to the other way I was doing it, but now it’s gotta post my username and date/time on each post. Less irritating than it trying to post a title that doesn’t exist I suppose. It’ll do for now.

And in the process of sorting that out, I noticed the RSS feed from Twitter I was using to keep up with my gaming news without having to be on Twitter stopped working, which I knew it would eventually because the Chief Twit wants to create a tightly controlled walled garden over there. Oh well, was nice while it lasted. Deleted it and now there’s even less Twitter in my life. Eventually there will be none!