What Nature Creates

Right after that big drought Texas experienced, when it started raining again, our backyard went wild, and we couldn’t keep up. The last thing I did back there was chop down the entire yard of Begger’s Lice, bag it up, and have it hauled off with the trash. Then, we decided to wait and see what happened. Would this small patch of earth return to a native state if untended and ignored, and what would that natural, wild state look like? Today was the first day in all that time I ventured further than the back door.

Up by the house, we are still having Begger’s Lice problems, but beyond that? Lush. Natural. Native. My footsteps padded by damp leaves and thick growth of Horse Herb. Each step produced the scent of rich dark earth and green life growing. New trees have sprung up organically, naturally. A variety of bushes, some I can’t identify, have taken root. As I followed a path created by the soft steps of countless cats, for a moment, the city fell silent, and I was in the wild outback of Texas on a wet December day with birds chirping and the last leaves of fall quietly murmuring in the gentle rain.

I am awestruck by what nature can create when left to its own devices, or more importantly, when we stop fighting against it in our attempts to make it behave as we would like. This grand experiment of ours is not yet done, but I pleased with its progress. More than pleased. I am delighted. And nature’s gift to us for allowing her free reign over her dominion was a harvest of unexpected pomegranates, symbols of creation, fertility, and future rebirth.

Recently Seen

Recently Seen

While dispensing the morning coffee, something odd caught my eye. Something deep in the wilderness that is our backyard. A few brightly colored orbs dangling in what appeared to be mid-air. Incapable of identifying them with my naked eyes, I grabbed the binoculars. Still couldn’t tell what they were, but we could see that they were attached to a small tree-like growth. I put on my gardening clogs, stepped out into the wet and drippy world, and followed one of the cat paths to my destination.

Pomegranates! Nature has provided us with our own pomegranate tree!

Official Government Propaganda

This is the US government’s official statement on the murder and dismemberment of an legal American resident and Washington Post journalist. You should read it for no other reason than to know what propaganda looks like during the Trump Administration. As some of you may well imagine, it is full to overflowing with lies, but it also gives one an inkling of the direction said Trump Administration would like to take our country. You don’t event have to read between the lines.

Make particular note of the mention that the Saudis say Khashoggi was an “enemy of the state” a variation on a turn of phrase Trump himself likes to use against journalists. Ask yourself, how long will it be before a journalist in America goes missing and is later found to have been murdered? Yes, that is an insane thing to ponder, but you need to start contemplating the idea that something like that could very well happen in the USA. Though now that Trump has kissed bin Salam’s ring, he’d probably just outsource such work to the professionals who have proven they can get that job done.