A Very Weird Thing

Interesting little thing I heard about and then looked into myself. Thought I'd share, because … it's interesting, in a scary kind of way. At the official White House web site, there's a side menu (on my iPad anyway) that lists all the links to other sections. When you scroll down to see the bottom of it, you see the links to the branches of the U.S. Government. Only it appears that one branch has gone missing from the list of three. Yes, the Judicial Branch isn't on the list. Hmmm.

Since I'm a clever geeky type of person, I look at the format for the Executive Branch link and deduce what the Judicial Branch link would be. When I typed that in and waited for it to load, this popped up.
It's a fancy 404 Not Found error page. So not only has the link to the Judicial Branch been removed, the entire page has been removed. And since the Obama Archive link was right there, I hopped on over, where I verified that my deduced link to where the Judicial Branch page should be was correct, and then read the completely bland and not at all political explanation of our Judicial Branch the Obama White House site provided.
Now, if there had been any changes made to either of the other branch's pages, and if the Judicial Branch page hadn't been down so long, I'd just assume they were making some edits, but no … the page for the Executive Branch and the one for the Legislative Branch are, as far as I can tell, identical to what appeared on the Obama version of the site (and probably versions prior than that, it's really boilerplate boring stuff). So I'm left wondering … what the hell is going on? I could speculate, but I'd hate to speculate.
Anyway, remember how I told you all to remember the past and watch the future and make note of things that change? Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. It's a small thing. May even be nothing, but it's very, very weird and was worth noting for posterity.

She Said, He Said, She Said Again

The biggest problem with trying to blog about the ridiculously idiotic and/or revoltingly evil doings of the current American regime is that just about the time I finish a post on the most recent idiotic or evil thing they have done, they go and do another one. It really just never stops. It's difficult keeping up with it all while also having a life. The local reaction to Trump's empowerment of the far right crazies though moves at a slightly slower pace. Recently, some serious shit hit the fan. Let me tell you about it …

Last week, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez announced that unless an illegal immigrant had been charged or found guilty of a list of very serious crimes, she would not be honoring ICE's warrantless detainer requests demanding said immigrants be turned over for expulsion from the country or federal justice measures. Additionally, people in her department would not be asking anyone about their citizenship status whether they have been arrested of a crime or have come in to report being the victim of a crime. I'd say that she threw down the gauntlet, but really, it's more like lobbing a grenade. Good! She won her election by a very wide margin, the police departments in the area support her in her run for office, and she made no bones about who she was, what she believed, and what she would do as Travis County Sheriff. She has the support of the people and local elected officials, so I'm glad to see her following through with campaign promises.

Alas, her statement hasn't sat well with the far right regime running Texas, headed by Governor Gregg Abbott. He demanded she reverse her “misguided and dangerous” policy and announced he would be withholding funds from Travis County, to the tune of $1.8 million from the Criminal Justice System. Not content with that small amount, he has since set his budget director into action contacting state agencies and asking them to report on what other funds Travis County recieves that could be withheld as well. Governor Abbott has also been making mewling noises about working on some way to remove her and other elected officials like her from office using the Texas Legislature.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Hernandez is not backing down, and other elected officials such as pussy hat wearing Judge Sarah Eckhardt have stepped forward asking Governor Abbott to reconsider his actions (nope, he won't). Neither side will be backing down it seems, so it will be interesting to see what happens going forward, especially if the federal government gets involved. With Trump's recent declaration that he will “send in the Feds” to solve Chicago's problems, without defining if he meant police or soldiers (though there's very little differentiating the two these days), one has to wonder what sending in “the Feds” to Austin would look like.

A great many people forget, including far right wing Texans, that centrist Texans and liberal Texans are still very much Texans in the truest sense of the word. We're pig-headedly stubborn, loudly opinionated, quick to take action when offended, strong believers in the sanctity of property rights, lovers freedom, and dedicated fighters of authority figures trying to tell us what to do from on high. A large percentage of us are also firm supporters of the Second Amendment and neither fear nor loathe guns. If I were going to choose a liberal enclave to flex my right wing muscles in, let's just say that Austin, Texas wouldn't be my first choice. There's going to be pushback.