Yellow Rose of Texas

I’m continuing to play with watercolors while ignoring my poor tubes of acrylics. I’m really enjoying the watercolors too. In ways I never loved acrylics. Maybe it’s just a “new hotness” factor, or maybe I found a medium I can 100% enjoy working with. Only time will tell.

I started this little thing yesterday and finished it a little while ago. It’s the first watercolor I’ve done where I had a plan and attempted to follow the plan. Didn’t turn out quite as planned. Lost control of it all at the center of the bud, and I couldn’t quite get the “shadow” areas just the way I wanted them. Also, I should have erased my sketch more before starting. I could barely see the lines, but once I painted over them, they seemed really dark. Oops. All the same, I’ve only been using watercolors for about two months, so I’m going to cut myself s little slack. I did learn a lot while working on this, and that’s what is really important right now. I’m really, REALLY enjoying them though.

Watercolor Rose

In other watercolor news, I bought myself a small mixing set of some professional grade paints (have been using student grade), so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work. In fact, here in a few minutes, I’m going to go swatch them!

Afternoon Project

I’ve recently been stuck on a couple of paintings, so to sort of knock me out of my creative blockage, I decided to try watercolors, which I have never messed with before. Not even when I was a kid. I’m not ready to formulate an overall opinion on the matter of watercolors as a creative medium, besides saying it’s been interesting and I don’t think I’m well suited for them. It has been interesting trying something new.

This afternoon I stole a little time from the rest of my life to play around a while, and I’m apparently having a good watercolor day (there have been BAD ones). I like how this is going. Tomorrow, when I get back to working on this, I’ll probably mess it up, but I had a nice relaxing afternoon with my new toys.
Watercolor painting on artist's table.