Still Swatching

Managed to get two more pages done today, so now I’m halfway done. Yay! Here are the first six pages all together. Taking the rest of the weekend off from doing paint swatches!
Paint Swatches

New Palette

Have finally gotten the last colors I needed to complete my preferred watercolor palette, so now I’m doing all the swatching to see what I’ve got available to work with. Creating a swatch book of all potential mixes between all twelve colors. I don’t have a lot of time or patience to work on it, so it’s going slowly, but I’ll get it done eventually. So far I’ve done four, so I’m already one-third done!
Paint Swatches
Paint Swatches
Paint Swatches

Probably should have used the good paper for this, but it’s pricey, and I’d rather use it for making actual art. This’ll have to do, and it will do. All this work is just to have a visual reference when I want to mix a specific sort of color and can’t recall exactly which two colors will get me there (or close). It’s also an excuse to play with my newest paints without feeling like I have to be making art. 😁

Had some surprises yesterday, when I encounter my first heavily granulation pigment (the green oxide), so I took some time to play around with what it was doing. Here are some samples of that.

Now it’s time for lunch, so I’m going to scrounge around for something to eat, and then I’m going to enjoy lazily enjoy the pleasant weather we are finally having. Have a great weekend!

Bulb in Teacup

So doing an ink sketch every day for Inktober, wasn’t working for me. I’ve git a lot of stuff going on, a ton of stress, and a couple of health problems floating up, so I bailed. But … I did get this done today!

Inktober 2019

Occurred to me that since I’m doing Inktober this year, or trying to anyway, I could maybe post it on my poor neglected blog. I did day one on day two, and skipped day two, because I was having a no good very bad day. Somehow managed to get day three done on day three. Go me? Anyway, here’s what’s done so far.

Done and Done

‪Behold … one 16 sheet, 32 page, 3.5″x5″, refillable watercolor sketchbook, currently filled with 140 lb Arches cold pressed paper.‬ When life gives you a sketchbook filled with crappy paper, do something about it!

Yellow Rose of Texas

I’m continuing to play with watercolors while ignoring my poor tubes of acrylics. I’m really enjoying the watercolors too. In ways I never loved acrylics. Maybe it’s just a “new hotness” factor, or maybe I found a medium I can 100% enjoy working with. Only time will tell.

I started this little thing yesterday and finished it a little while ago. It’s the first watercolor I’ve done where I had a plan and attempted to follow the plan. Didn’t turn out quite as planned. Lost control of it all at the center of the bud, and I couldn’t quite get the “shadow” areas just the way I wanted them. Also, I should have erased my sketch more before starting. I could barely see the lines, but once I painted over them, they seemed really dark. Oops. All the same, I’ve only been using watercolors for about two months, so I’m going to cut myself s little slack. I did learn a lot while working on this, and that’s what is really important right now. I’m really, REALLY enjoying them though.

Watercolor Rose

In other watercolor news, I bought myself a small mixing set of some professional grade paints (have been using student grade), so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work. In fact, here in a few minutes, I’m going to go swatch them!