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  • Next Abbott needs to accept the resignations of everyone at PUC, followed by sitting down in front of a mirror and… 17:01:40
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: THREAD on ERCOT developments: Out-of-state resignations cannot distract us from unconscionable in-state GOP failures.… 17:07:55
  • I had a sort of crap day, but the weather was nice. Today’s high was 78°F. Felt really hot. 18:44:05
  • RT @TexasTribune: UPDATE: Five ERCOT board members will resign tomorrow in the aftermath of the power outage and winter storm.

    A sixth has… 19:30:34

  • Husband: "I get why you're taking a break from ESO. You deserve it."

    Allow me to translate … are you ever going… 19:58:32

  • The story I’d like to hear about is who owns and operates this apartment "community" marketed to seniors and disabl… 21:38:34

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