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  • Our cat food supplies arrived in Kentucky on the 18th but haven’t left yet. It’s been delayed due to the winter mes… 09:52:18
  • Have decided to wait until tomorrow to go out to find cat food. Too tired, just can’t do it. Now that the most imme… 14:03:12
  • Just got off the phone with my cousin. They all made it through this mess mostly unscathed. Phew! 17:08:28
  • The husband requested lasagna for dinner. I barely had enough of what I needed to make it, but there’s lasagna in t… 20:23:00
  • I spent today napping and preparing teen Sim for university. Also building. There was quite a lot of building. It w… 20:58:42
  • RT @RepLyleLarson: The state government of Texas has to intervene to protect Texans from utility rate hikes last week. It is our fault we… 23:53:32

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