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  • I’d already pretty much decided to buy the new Paranormal stuff pack for Sims 4, but now I see that Discover Univer… 01:41:41
  • Alright, we're going to cuddle in the nice warm bed now and get some sleep. By which I mean the husband and I will… 02:09:24
  • I need to wash my hair. I mean REALLY need to do it. It's very cold in the bathroom and not especially warm in the… 10:29:11
  • RT @fredcantu: ELECTRIC POWER ADVISORY– ERCOT is predicting electric use (the blue line) could outpace the predicted load capacity (the da… 10:50:30
  • RT @averytomascowx: It's hard to describe how other-worldly it will look/feel in Central Texas Sunday night.

    Snow totals over 6" possible… 10:55:55

  • Oh gods. The guy I call Lin's work spouse has just started ESO. I will never have any peace again. The gabbing will be nonstop! 11:24:08
  • There is not yet a sufficient amount of snow in my yard to make me delighted enough to forget that it’s currently 1… 21:58:11
  • Alright, it’s getting really REALLY cold in the house. Any minute now I’ll crawl out from under my blankets and go… 23:30:07

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