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  • Today in the land of PvP, my husband and I captured a farm (alone) and took part in an epic battle at a keep. We bo… 00:17:44
  • RT @jessamyn: My library mailing list contribution for today: "I know that WAP is an acronym for WiFi Access Points but from a pop-culture… 13:36:14
  • The worst thing ever is waiting for something important you need to happen before a certain date to happen, when sa… 23:04:40
  • RT @longcenter: Together with organizations across the country, tonight our ring is lit to honor and remember the lives of neighbors, famil… 23:11:55
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: Not even in office yet, our soon-to-be President and VP have already facilitated important collective mourning for tho… 23:16:18
  • This photo does NOT do my gift from @Felinefemale justice, but this was what was in the package the other day. An a… 23:32:11

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