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  • Almost time for the essential caregiver zoom call. Ugh. I’d planned to join everyone on camera today but just caugh… 09:47:04
  • Zoom call was thankfully short. Just some info about the Covid in the nursing home and county. Mom's fine, but gene… in reply to JustOrb 10:35:05
  • Feels like Tommy thinks an inauguration is like a wedding that can be postponed rather than a constitutionally mand… 10:55:53
  • RT @g_ack: This quote aged well 🙃 13:35:21
  • I got a package yesterday. I opened it today. I’ll show you what was in it tomorrow. It’s awesome! 14:08:10
  • RT @BitterOldPunk: Pro tip: By saying “I’m going to caramelize these onions” you create a perfect excuse to also stand in the kitchen for a… 20:17:26
  • Today as a long and crappy day. I’m trying to stay awake to watch The Late Show, but time feels like it’s moving en… 22:15:15

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