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  • Me before: "I’m never doing pvp! It’s a nightmare hellscape!"

    Me now: "I need pvp armor! I live here now!" 10:38:40

  • That’s my Representative, and this is an example of why I am always so happy to vote for him. I ❤️ @RepLloydDoggett. 10:47:14
  • Today in PvP: Running away quickly is a valid survival option. Also, I earned my very first Rewards for the Worthy mail! 13:40:07
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: Republicans message opposing impeachment today: "Heal, heal, heal." Finally, the GOP develops an interest in health ca… 14:07:58
  • Today's main accomplishment has been breaking down 1/3 of the empty boxes taking up space in my living room. I’d ha… 14:34:56
  • Have successfully taken a shower and washed my hair. Now my entire body feels like rubber, but at least it’s CLEAN rubber. 🤣 15:48:41
  • Oops. Recycling pickup isn’t until next week. Now my bin is totally full of cardboard and there will be nowhere to… 16:14:04
  • RT @akkitwts: Just in case anyone needs a picture of kittens in bananas. . . . 19:11:40
  • Guess I’ll log into ESO and buy another storage chest for the pvp armor I’m now collecting. Or maybe I could go thr… 23:49:52

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