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  • Okay, have just attempted to watch the congressional proceedings on C-Span, and I can’t do it. It’s making me feel… 00:02:25
  • RT @BrendanKeefe: They literally held the door open for insurrectionists to walk out of the Capitol without arrest, and now they're locking… 00:03:33
  • Would like to thank my neighbor for trying to quietly take his trash bins to the curb after midnight, thereby remin… 00:28:36
  • Since I haven’t ordered groceries yet, there was room in the freezer for my vodka. Therefore, I have been enjoying… 00:51:25
  • RT @alexleavitt: 🛑⚠️🛑⚠️🛑 WARNING 🛑⚠️🛑⚠️🛑

    This is a Doomscroll Checkpoint.

    Stand up, drink a glass of water, eat a piece of chocolate, ta… 01:00:04

  • RT @ben_c_rowen: My dispatch from the pro-Trump rally at the Texas Capitol. One protester called it a "love bomb," while, nearby, armed me… 01:19:07
  • In light of the fact I am not yet sleepy, I’m going to rework the apartment my Sim was living in before she moved t… 01:52:51
  • All the king's men (and women) who are suddenly resigning from the Trump Administration are not doing so because hi… 12:55:47
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: Those who surround the President lack the courage to seek his removal. The job is ours.

    The House should reconvene im… 14:45:25

  • Had planned to begin breaking down the mountain of delivery boxes that has reconstituted in the corner of the livin… 14:57:25
  • I'm only bothering to do the dishes because both my vodka glasses are dirty, and I may at some point later tonight want to have some vodka. 15:09:38
  • RT @emptywheel: Larry Hogan wasn't permitted to send National Guard either.

    This was a deliberate attempt to leave the capital unguarded.… 23:11:13

  • RT @rachbarnhart: How is this not a bigger story 23:25:17
  • RT @StephenAtHome: It’ll be a shame if history allows one horrific event on this president’s watch to overshadow all the other horrific eve… 23:26:21

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