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  • I was going to play some Sims, but in light of the fact I finally broke down and took one of my massive allergy pil… 00:27:15
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: Democracy matters. The people, not politicians, choose who leads us. Georgia showed us the way. The Joint Session in… 10:12:50
  • Woke up, drank some water, felt like I could go back to sleep, so I crawled back into bed and began drifting off. T… 10:25:39
  • Checked the tracking on my next shipment of CBD, which hadn’t even been updated beyond "packing slip printed" for d… 10:34:15
  • RT @RBReich: Call me old-fashioned, but when armed insurgents breach the Capitol building at the request of a president, I'd call it an att… 15:30:06
  • RT @RepLloydDoggett: ‘Remain peaceful'..? There is nothing peaceful about the dangerous mob that has breached our Capitol and endangers all… 15:33:35
  • I was going to do a stressful thing that needed doing and then kick back and play some video games today, but then… 17:36:43
  • RT @Chasten: White privilege is violently storming the US Capitol and just…being sent home. 17:41:39
  • RT @HurdOnTheHill: This isn’t a peaceful protest. This is an attack on our democracy and domestic terrorism to try to stop certifying elect… 18:35:21
  • Why does Team Trump need the congressional proceedings stretched out until the end of tomorrow? What do they have p… 23:21:16
  • Does anyone know where I can keep track of who votes for/against these objections to states' electors? They tend to… 23:49:30

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