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  • Freaking BRRRRRRRRRR. 🥶 09:09:16
  • So I was saying FREAKING BRRRRRR at my own house this morning, but now I’ve arrived at mom's house and … HOLY FREAKING BRRRRRR. 13:23:43
  • Tell you what, the house feels a whole lot warmer after you’ve spent about an hour, standing in the wind and shade… 15:13:07
  • Have encountered a fat, dumb, and happy mouse in the pantry.🐭 16:02:56
  • There is steam coming off my extremely lukewarm corn dog. 16:12:36
  • The house has begun to feel warmish. Not warm yet, but definitely no longer actually frigid. Have decided to have c… 17:37:39
  • Now the toilet is behaving badly. One simple but actual problem, and one potential but huge problem. Have turned of… 18:35:22
  • Rummaged around and found dad's full body heat/massage pad. Nice and warm, and the massaging is nifty too. It’s jus… 20:40:44
  • Him: You know, we could move into your mom's house for the winter. I can work from anywhere.

    Her: You know, we cou… 21:06:38

  • Remembered there was an oil type radiator heater tucked away in the dining room. Fired that up. Have achieved warmt… 21:48:34

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