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  • When mom-in-law called earlier tonight, I expected more bad news. Everyone is fine though, she just wanted to know… 00:00:34
  • I have wagered I will not get a phone call from the nursing home tonight telling me I need to be there right this m… 01:30:07
  • I’m going to bed now. Today has been a serious bitch. Here’s hoping I sleep past 7 am. 02:51:47
  • The Texas government stopped El Paso from issuing a shutdown order when things started to turn in a bad direction t… 10:47:47
  • Almost got 8 hours of sleep, awoke feeling fairly human … except for the regularly schedule morning panic attack.… in reply to JustOrb 11:40:38
  • I just had a panic inducing thought of the real sort and not just the anxiety caused sort. But I think it’s going t… 12:01:42
  • RT @MaraGay: One thing that amazes is the distance between the daily suffering of those who’ve lost someone to this virus, or like me are i… 12:33:19
  • Caught myself agonizing over mom problems, which I said I wasn’t going to do at all for a few days. Will now play a… 13:32:05
  • Orb: Oh, it looks like that 381 sorcerer is sneaking on off. Guess she just wanted to kill the boss for delve compl… 19:58:46