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  • I guess waking up at 7 am is just my new normal. I don’t approve, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to be done… 08:36:07
  • I was going to go to the insurance office today to sort out the current big problem, but I’m waiting. I’ve got at l… 08:50:14
  • Went on the morning walk I would have gone on with mom. Ran into the handyman, which was great, because I hadn’t go… 09:16:17
  • Having some root beer to kick my butt into a higher gear, so I can get outside and finish wrapping up the plethora… 10:10:08
  • The spigots are as protected from freezing over winter as I can possibly make them. I’m going to pack stuff into th… 10:55:18
  • Am at the "shambling around the house feeling like I’m forgetting something" stage of my day. 12:03:06
  • Now at the "feeling a little panicky, better take some CBD" stage of my day. in reply to JustOrb 12:17:35
  • Today's window visit with mom was not at all uplifting. Yesterday must have been a really good day. Today, not so… 13:37:20
  • The drive home was hell, but I made it to my recliner. Oddly, the husband is so tight asleep, he hasn’t noticed I’m… 16:38:52
  • The husband has awakened, and he’s announced he doesn’t feel well. When I ask in what way, he just says "weird and… in reply to JustOrb 17:38:18
  • I have encountered the number 178 five times today in different and unrelated contexts. It’s weird. 18:21:16

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