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  • Hopefully, my CBD will kick in right about the same time my phone finishes charging, and then I can go try to get s… 00:00:37
  • Apparently, no matter how late I go to bed or how tired I am, I will now always spontaneously wake up at 7 am. 07:34:54
  • And there it is … my morning panic attack. 08:08:59
  • Looks like I’ll be spending my day feeling like I’m dying, while waiting for the nursing home to call to talk about… 09:34:41
  • Have installed the Adobe software the Medicaid application demanded it have to be interacted with. I can now fill i… 11:10:00
  • Have said screw it to even working on this more today. Giving up on the latest attempt to get Adobe software to wor… in reply to JustOrb 11:18:49
  • Having sour cream and onion Pringles for brunch, which will likely come back up in about 30 minutes, because that’s… 11:23:48
  • New bottle of CBD capsules arrived two days early. Good. I wasn’t looking forward to going to mom's house for a cou… 15:15:57
  • Was expecting to hear from the social worker at the nursing home today about mom's care plan meeting. Getting prett… 15:24:08