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  • Ok, mom's mail problem has been solved. I promise, any minute now, I’m actually going to stop working on mom stuff… in reply to JustOrb 00:06:51
  • When I pulled into the driveway earlier, it was the first time in my entire life there was no one I had to call to… 00:19:45
  • Played some Sims. Had some vodka. Going to bed. Gonna be weird sleeping in my own bed again. I’m sure I’ll adapt quickly enough.😴 02:01:27
  • Got 10 hours of sleep, and my only goal today is to drink lots of water (been really dehydrated), weep when I feel… 12:48:17
  • I would just like to say that this is insane. I mean, look at it! It’s ginormous!😬 13:35:39
  • My number one problem in The Sims right now is that hungry Sims just cook and grill and cook and grill and don’t ea… 13:37:54
  • Over the last month with no cats, I had forgotten how irritating it can be to be surrounded by cats. 😸 13:44:23
  • OMG. Light attack weaving is broken in ESO, and my Nightblade's rotation is ruined. She’s almost unplayable. Why?!… 14:16:55
  • Argh!!! They updated the Mundus stones in ESO, and removed them from our toons, and I do not remember which ones my… in reply to JustOrb 16:28:41
  • I finally got to the dragon killing part of my ESO day, and my game crashed. in reply to JustOrb 16:57:14
  • You know what? I’ve had moments today when I felt okay. Not great, but okay. It’s a pretty massive improvement actu… 17:19:31
  • I sorta feel like if calling for the beheading of American government officials doesn’t cross the line, then just m… 18:16:30
  • Having now played all three of my ESO toons, I can properly announce that I am displeased with how clunky, slow, an… 18:22:46
  • Logged back into The Sims. Played three minutes, the audio started acting funny, then my game crashed. I am having no gaming luck today. 18:51:30
  • The husband gave me the best gift today. He acted as though it was just a totally normal day, and when he noticed I… 23:26:53

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