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  • RT @choo_ek: The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report is bread and butter for healthcare folks – a dependable scientific staple to k… 13:14:20
  • The avocados I bought nearly two weeks ago are still hard enough to use as effective projectile weapons. I cannot e… 15:12:16
  • Vacuumed the recliners and washed the living room blankets, because today I discovered there’s a level of cat hair… 15:22:00
  • Living room clean, dishes done, tamales thawed, a kitty litter crisis hopefully averted. My work here is done. It’s nap time! 15:46:11
  • Apparently not tired enough to nap. Therefore, I ranted to the husband about the state of our avocados, then wander… 16:18:11
  • In the process of cleansing my iPhone in preparation for updating. It’s a long, slow, tedious process. Must be done… 17:44:41
  • We have kitty litter! Not our preferred brand, but when you have no kitty litter and four cats, any kitty litter will do. 🤣 18:18:46
  • Will my phone please finish updating, so I can stop having a panic attack about it? Ugh. It always takes sooooo long. 18:33:43
  • Phone appears to be fully functional post update. Suppose I should go make that chunky guacamole now, so we can eat… 18:44:23
  • 9:45 pm feels entirely too early to go to bed on a Saturday night, but I must admit, I’m considering it. 21:42:24

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