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  • Every time I think "That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard" something comes along about an hour later that’s even… 00:38:57
  • I just squeeeeeed so loudly I woke up all the living creatures in my house and probably a few outside! 00:48:09
  • Family Zoom chain of events:

    Boomer cousin lost his temper and cursed.
    His wife noped right out.
    Silent Generation… 13:34:48

  • Well now I have more questions. So only 3000 student tickets for the game? Yet they are planning on having 25% stad… 14:07:20
  • I now declare it the weekend! I shall begin enjoying it by having a nice nap. 😴 14:19:39
  • RT @joshmillard: Robert and Karen cordially invite you to attend their unborn baby genitals unboxing video 18:38:32
  • I suppose I should proceed to the kitchen and prepare an evening meal. Blech. 19:35:06
  • Took me 45 minutes to proceed to the kitchen to prepare an evening meal. Have informed all relevant parties dinner… in reply to JustOrb 20:33:10
  • I’ve talked myself into buying Strangerville. There’s build/CAS stuff I like, and I love the little town. I’ll prob… 20:46:58

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