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  • RT @Foone: hey you, you're finally awake.
    You were trying to get pregnant, right? 01:05:15
  • Watch your wake. Share the lake. Don’t sink other people’s boats. 01:06:21
  • The husband and I have achieved detente. Late night cinnamon roll baking may have been involved. 01:36:50
  • Sim toddler has aged up to child and … completed her first day's homework. So, it looks like I don’t have that bu… 01:58:32
  • RT @mohawkaustin: Usually, we like to keep our feed lighthearted. Unfortunately these are not normal times. Our city is losing its magic da… 12:30:08
  • I have awakened to find the weekend's new computer mouse woes are at an end. It was a driver related user error. Th… 12:58:13
  • It’s a soap opera in space. We've been a bit disappointed with it, and I’m not sure we’re going to make it through… 13:58:39
  • Welp, been awake about three hours. Must be time for a nap. 🤣 15:20:37
  • RT @joshmillard: gonna throw a gender conceal party where I don’t tell you shit and we put out a couple house fires 21:05:30

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