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  • I have purchased Jungle Adventure and Moschino Stuff and shall now log into Sims to build the Casa de Orb of my dre… 00:30:41
  • I’ve always had a theory that the first vacation together can make or break a relationship. This theory applies to… 03:38:01
  • I went to bed before sunrise, so therefore, I did not stay up ALL night playing Sims.🤣 in reply to JustOrb 13:15:33
  • Says the person who just got a $46.4 million dollar property tax break to build a factory in my town. Guess he’d li… 13:24:30
  • When this all started, we were shooting for 5% positivity rates before reopening anything. The minute we hit that,… 13:28:17
  • Husband’s company is now in disaster prep mode. Needed supplies and personnel being readied and moved into position… 19:19:39
  • Sims 4: Had friends over. Happens once a Sim week. This time two Sims who are not kleptos stole stuff from my house… 20:20:41
  • The husband ate both of the last two ice cream sandwiches. I don’t even know how to respond to this betrayal. 22:51:08

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