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  • RT @KristenCurrieTV: The much-talked about Saharan dust has arrived & will linger through the day tomorrow.

    📸: Jaime Becerra

    #Austin #ATX… 01:39:33

  • But he did take action. He praised Putin and insisted Russia be allowed back into the G7. That’s an action. It’s ju… 12:11:28
  • Much like police departments, I think the only way to get racism out of NASCAR is to burn it down and build somethi… 12:26:59
  • His regret is that he opened bars? What he should regret is taking control of the pandemic response away from local… 12:32:33
  • If a bunch of Texas Republicans want to sacrifice themselves for the economy, who am I to complain? There are, afte… 20:23:54

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