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  • Cops lie. They lie on their reports. They lie about fearing for their lives, people resisting, the existence of dru… 12:46:53
  • Well, Trump did say he wants to slow down testing, because we’re finding too many cases, and it makes us look bad. 13:02:09
  • RT @NateMJensen: Tesla is speaking at Travis County today. They are calling jobs paying way below county manufacturing wage "middle skilled… 14:25:06
  • That would be my zip code, which is why my anxiety levels are higher than usual right now. 14:53:13
  • RT @CNN: Twitter has put a warning label on a tweet from President Trump in which he warned if protesters tried to set up an "autonomous zo… 14:59:59
  • Our internet went out for an hour a little while ago. That was the universe telling me to put down the iPad and go… 15:05:45
  • We have just completed season 12 of Doctor Who. Holy crap. That was AMAZING. Love. Love love love. So much love. ❤️❤️❤️ 21:57:43
  • RT @GoodJobsFirst: #Tesla wants subsidies for below-average jobs. Governments have to learn to just say no to companies that don't provide… 21:59:12
  • Free of both sinus infection and antibiotics, I am having vodka. You have been warned. 🤣 23:55:32

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