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  • Oh look, it’s Monday again. 06:47:36
  • RT @mattlargey: NEW: Abbott just said the state is not "co-mingling" the number of viral and antibody tests.

    This the exact opposite of w… 14:52:27

  • I did not clean the entire kitchen again today. Other things needed attention, and the damn kitchen IS clean.I did… 18:47:26
  • I’m less concerned about visitors catching COVID from nursing home residents than I am visitors stupidly or unknowi… 19:09:39
  • Our booze bottles need a home that is not the counter space by the sink. I want to put the coffee grinder there, fo… 19:14:49
  • I’d just like to say … The Mandalorian is very, very good. Why yes, we did get Disney+ this weekend. Probably goi… 21:49:37
  • Tonight was the first night in a long time I completely cleaned my dinner plate. Probably because tonight I made th… 21:53:11
  • It appears there were no ants in the kitchen today, because they were amassing in the wall to plan their after dark… 22:33:36

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