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  • RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Bill Clinton almost lost his job as POTUS for lying about an affair.

    Trump has lied about several affairs and jeopardi… 12:28:47

  • RT @KUT: ACC Round Rock's campus is under a shelter-in-place order. More info: 13:00:40
  • RT @JYSexton: People shouldn’t need reminded of this but the Attorney General of the United States of America shouldn’t serve as the person… 13:06:39
  • If I had the spare cash, I would totally buy this. If you have the spare cash, you should! It’s sooooo cute. ❤️ 13:10:02
  • Aside from the pylon hitting, what I see is someone pulling out of a parking lot and turning left in front of traff… 17:31:51
  • Also, the pylon he plowed over at the entrance to Nobu's parking lot. It says right turn only. Did he turn right? N… in reply to JustOrb 17:36:21
  • I shall now proceed to the kitchen and make my first ever attempt at making eggnog. 😬 17:44:01
  • Hey guys! Guys!!! I have successfully made eggnog! Actual eggnog! I can have eggnog whenever the hell I want eggnog… 18:22:23
  • I suppose I should clean up the mess I made in the kitchen and consider what to make for dinner. You know, other th… 18:27:58
  • One of my measuring spoons has had an unfortunate encounter with the garbage disposal. I finally have an excuse to… 18:47:17
  • The kitchen has been restored to a clean state. Tonight, we shall be having salmon patties, steamed broccoli, and a… 18:53:09
  • Was feeling a bit peckish, therefore, I am having a small glass of eggnog. I am soooooo surprised my first attempt… 19:38:50
  • We're in a bit of a show hole for a few days, and I’m finding it hard to find something to watch while we eat dinne… 19:59:09