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  • My mother has called 11 times since 4 pm. For no reason, except to complain that I’m not there to take her to the X… 18:35:14
  • The calls started before I’d even gotten home from her house. Right when I was navigating the bit of Friday afterno… in reply to JustOrb 18:35:15
  • Don’t know what we're having for dinner, because no shopping got done this week, and there is just about no food. T… 18:43:27
  • What the actual fuck is this moron on about? I’ve listened to it twice, and it seems like he’s upset about water sa… 18:51:33
  • I’d like to point out, he also talked a lot of smack and called the man a "child rapist" in an email to a buzzfeed… 19:23:59
  • I believe it is time for adult beverages. Bring on the vodka! 🤪 19:50:30
  • While I was away from the internet, apparently sunning your butthole became a thing. What will they think of next? 20:22:57