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  • Ok, the color circled in green is the one I want to replace. The others are the contenders. I’m torn and going to h… 00:31:49
  • RT @austinfilm: We made a zine to commemorate our Cinema 40 series (starts Thursday), which revisits Austin’s first film society in the 196… 14:06:13
  • My brain hurts. And I’m hungry. The two are likely related. 15:12:20
  • Currently finding upper middle class people tedious. Especially the ones who think they are "woke" but when it’s po… 15:32:56
  • Spent too much time today staring at watercolor swatches and thinking entirely too much about it. Bottom line? I pi… 18:39:47
  • Pizza and brownies have been ordered for delivery, because I just want to sit and watch tv without all that cooking… 18:41:28
  • RT @weinbergersa: EXCLUSIVE: The White House had a Halloween party for kids at the EEOB, with paper planes in Pence's office, a candy store… 20:10:37