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  • My theory is that Big Tobacco would like people who enjoy nicotine to go back to giving them ridiculous amounts of… 00:21:03
  • White Claws must be banished from this house. They go down too fast, taste like crap, and get you far too drunk. I… 00:32:00
  • I’m just going to apologize to the people who follow me. When they wake up in the morning, their feed will be full… 00:37:16
  • I have just learnt that if I heavy attack a monster, my pet will attack that monster. My life has been changed. #ESO 00:54:17
  • As it turns out, I started a blog post instead, and now I’m sleepy and cold. Therefore, my drunken butt will be tod… in reply to JustOrb 01:12:47
  • My Magic Bullet Blender is dying. Can’t really complain. It was bought when they first came out, like a decade ago?… 15:53:26
  • My favorite hair clip has gone missing. It was the last surviving small one. I don’t have the energy to search the… 16:34:08
  • Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and warm Halloween! 👻 17:12:28
  • The pot of chili bubbling on the stove is beginning to smell so darn good. 😋 18:34:45