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  • RT @cvsherman: Austin Skyline. Facing East. In Black and White. Looks like I'll be back in town later this month.
    #AustinTX #ATX #Texas htt… 00:36:42
  • Husband called to wake me up, as he oh so irritatingly does every damn day, but HA HA HA … I was already up and busy. Take that, butthead! 09:43:57
  • Having completed all of today's planned tasks, I will now sink into my recliner, read a book, and selfishly eat the last of the grapes. 13:48:17
  • Ok, haven’t gotten to reading my book yet, because apparently some interesting things have been happening in the ne… 13:56:50
  • RT @traecrowder: Liberal Redneck – Yellin' Bout Ellen

    This un here gone piss some people off.
    What do y'all think?

    https:… 15:12:01

  • Lindsey Graham, master of being a two-faced snake. I’m surprised he’d say one thing to one person and the opposite… 18:16:01
  • Yeah, we'll be pretending we have a functioning furnace, because well … we don’t actually have a functioning furn… 18:19:06
  • RT @MerriamWebster: 'Corruptionist': one who practices or defends corruption especially in politics 18:19:30
  • I guess if I’m making lasagna for dinner, I should probably get started on that pretty soon. Kinda wishing I hadn’t… 18:22:04
  • I just dropped my Revere Ware skillet, and it’s now bent. I don’t think they make them anymore, and WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!!‽ 18:46:17
  • Managed to get much of the bent side pushed back out, and now I’m just going to keep using my favorite skillet ever … dent and all. 😭 in reply to JustOrb 18:58:23
  • Though, with that said … who makes a good, nonstick skillet, 12” or so, with a lid, that’s got some weight to it?… in reply to JustOrb 19:00:28
  • Never any inbetween. I just want some normal fall weather! Please?! 20:38:44
  • Husbands, take note … this was the best answer ever. 23:06:07