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  • While I appreciate that my neck and back don’t ever seem to pain me at the same time, it’d be really awesome if eve… 00:08:19
  • I just had to get up out of my chair, shuffle slowly into the other room, and show the husband exactly on the map,… 00:34:49
  • RT @Slasher: just as the NBA's original Chinese Weibo statement was pretty harsh on Daryl Morey compared to the English statement, Blizzard… 09:53:35
  • Cat: [ drinks from cat designated water bucket on floor]

    Same Cat (5 secs later): [ drinks from cat designated gia… 11:33:40

  • Hilarious write-up about the advent of cricket season in central Texas. 🤣 11:41:07
  • Was as productive as possible this morning. Have eaten lunch. Will now prop myself in a comfy position on the bed a… 13:00:16
  • Lindsey Graham has reached a agreement to close the barn door after some idiot opened it. How about he come to an a… 17:31:49
  • RT @MikeDrucker: Blizzard 2018: We are releasing a fun mobile game to break into the Chinese market

    Blizzard 2019: We are crushing dissent… 17:53:17

  • "Last month [Facebook] announced that politicians and their campaigns had nearly free rein over content they post t… 23:08:00