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  • This is my word of the day, and I am NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE. You have all been warned. 00:03:06
  • I am not sleeping, because I continue to be white hot angry. I’m so angry, I may never sleep again. 04:43:17
  • To appease my anger, I have begun writing a lecture. When I am done, I am going to sit the offending party down, an… in reply to JustOrb 05:18:16
  • My favorite afternoon light arrived. I set up to do some art. Five minutes later, clouds rolled in and now … thun… 15:17:37
  • Watched more My Cat from Hell. Continue to believe it should have been called My Human from Hell. 16:21:40
  • Spent 40 minutes playing with the cats. Everyone played. Ronin hissed a good bit … at the toy and not Yuki. Every… 17:07:35
  • Continues to be dark and gloomy at Casa de Orb. No rain. I can smell rain. I can hear thunder. Just doesn’t want to… 18:16:17
  • Just did the slow blink thing with Sylvester, the most feral colony cat, and he jumped up on the porch (just one fo… 19:12:19