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  • We are now far enough along the path of authoritarianism that no information coming from any federal department sho… 00:36:41
  • This is what the President of the United States posted on his feed two hours ago. Get used it it. We'll be living w… 01:03:24
  • I’m watching cat videos on YouTube, having a strong vodka and water, and pretending reality isn’t real, because rea… 01:13:01
  • Oh, a cat fight under the house. Just what I needed this fine Sunday morning. 11:07:08
  • Myu is snoozing on the cat tree, and she’s apparently having a little kitty dream that involves growling. The other… 12:15:50
  • RT @DrDenaGrayson: There literally is a @realDonaldTrump tweet for *every* occasion.

    Trump just slashed military construction spending to… 12:27:24

  • I forgot to get jelly beans while we were at the store. Oh well, tomorrow when I’m doing mom's shopping, I’m gettin… 18:42:35
  • The best part of our errand running was when the husband asked "You want to stop at Home Depot?" My answer was an e… 20:30:41