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  • RT @MSNBC: Dept. of Defense said it was holding off on over $400,000,000 in funding for construction projects on Puerto Rico, including a p… 00:36:00
  • RT @MerriamWebster: A 'mumpsimus' is a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being shown that it is wrong. https://t.c… 11:57:06
  • Our governor decides what the very least he can possibly do is and then does that thing. He reminds everyone to rep… 12:24:50
  • I need a vacation. The kind where you actually go somewhere nice and do nothing you’d ordinarily be doing. 13:54:01
  • Watched some My Cat from Hell episodes while working on sketches for a new painting. Um … my cats are darling ang… 17:09:48
  • There is a lemon and garlic marinated pork loin in the oven. It’s been in there just long enough to smell delicious… 19:27:21
  • We need this in our house. Neeeeeed. 23:33:46
  • RT @Hipstercrite: You know how some idiots leave 1-star reviews for #NationalParks?

    I (fictionally) responded to those reviews as if I was… 23:38:03