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  • We woke up before our alarms went off this morning. Granted, cute, cuddly, pesky cats were involved, but still …… 07:58:16
  • If your package from Amazon doesn’t arrive on the day it’s supposed to, the tracking on it simply stops. It doesn’t… 08:05:00
  • Today I’ve learned to not let masking tape even touch the pages of my new watercolor journal. No joke, lightly laid… 08:27:01
  • If there are actually people who thought this was a rabbit, then they need to get their eyes checked. Also, they’ve… 08:51:42
  • Pretty damn disappointed with the Arteza watercolor books. I wasn’t expecting amazing, because they are cheap, but… 12:42:57
  • Having accomplished nothing at all yet today, aside from crankiness with art supplies and crankiness with package d… 13:26:48
  • Oh look, my package is once again a mere block away. Guess I’ll stay awake a few more minutes to see if it gets del… 13:31:20
  • My lifetime supply of watercolor half pans have arrived, and they are perfect. I shall now snooze for a few minutes… 13:51:58
  • Second half of my day is going much better than the first half. Naps are a universal good. Still cranky about some… 17:25:33
  • Half filled a handful of the watercolor half pans. Have placed them in the nicely warm, dry, and cat free laundry r… 18:00:14
  • Decided to have a very late second cup of coffee. Forgot to put the grounds into the press. I was right … I need… 18:03:22
  • I mostly keep up with the politics stuff, and I didn’t even know Seth Moulton was running. I’m probably not alone i… 19:05:03
  • Pizza dough is resting. Oven is preheating. Looks like it’s Friday Pie Day! Woo hoo! Hellooooo weekend! 19:18:44
  • Husband better get home soon, because I’m about to finish making the pizza, and then I’m going to eat it. 20:34:57
  • I think what Disney is trying to tell us is … they lack creative talent capable of creating new stories. It’s jus… 23:20:24

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