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  • RT @GinaForAustin: Guy arrested w/assault weapon, bipod & scope in Austin park last week:

    AR-15 was was sold to him legally in Austin desp… 11:34:11

  • “If I didn't care for fun and such,
    I'd probably amount to much.
    But I shall stay the way I am,
    Because I do not gi… 11:50:26
  • My day is not going well. I’m going to go make art. 13:10:37
  • My kneadable eraser has gone missing. Again. I know it was a cat that done it. This weekend, I’m going to go buy a… 13:16:40
  • Started a new sketchbook/diary/common book/art journal thing. Title page is done! This is probably the only pic of… 15:27:30
  • Looking forward to going to the liquor store on Saturday. And the art store. Mostly the liquor store. I really need some vodka. 22:06:30
  • The package I was expecting today made it as far as the end of my street, two stops away, and then whoever was supp… 22:29:26