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  • A question for Trump supporters: he’s been promising great health care at much lower costs, where I can choose my d… 00:17:26
  • A cat has flayed flesh flesh my body while getting onto the back of my recliner. I have doused my arm in Neosporin… 01:03:21
  • Word of the day… 08:45:00
  • Had salsa and chips for breakfast, because that is my level of adulthood today. 09:32:47
  • Matthew 24:23-24

    23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    24 For ther… 09:44:33

  • The cats have all curled up in their favorite spots for some extended sleeping. I am considering joining them. Bare… 10:02:56
  • I love the people in my life. I do wish they wouldn’t all call on the same day at almost the same time. I’ve spent… 16:10:44
  • Amongst all the mind boggling insane things he said during today's Chopper Talk, this one really stands out. He is… 16:42:51
  • Added some more foliage to my page o' leaves. 17:32:59
  • I suppose I should start thinking about what to make for dinner beyond "something with hamburger". 17:35:56
  • I wanted lasagna for dinner, but didn’t feel like dealing with making it. Therefore, we are having spaghetti. Same… 19:47:01
  • So … are all the late night talk shows on vacation right now? I’d like to watch some sort of late night talk show… 19:52:01
  • RT @KUT: People can use the Pickup by Cap Metro app to request a ride from their home to anywhere within a certain zone. Each ride in the e… 21:50:54
  • You know, today was a crazy day in America. I’d say it couldn’t possibly get crazier, but it will. Probably tomorrow. 23:39:41