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  • Yes, the President of the United States continues to behave like a 15 year old Redditor, instead of like he’s the l… 01:11:54
  • 59% of Republicans are idiots, incapable of thinking through the outcome of having no one in your society with a hi… 10:33:30
  • Is it ok if I don’t like Daniel Smith watercolors? There’s nothing wrong with them. Excellent quality. I feel like… 12:21:49
  • After more contemplation, it can’t be a tube vs pan watercolor preference. I have tubes of Winsor and Newton as wel… in reply to JustOrb 12:32:07
  • Went to Target for household things. Couldn’t resist the $3 watercolors. 14:57:46
  • Wanted to play with watercolors today, but after doing the things that needed doing, I no longer have the energy or desire. Boo. Hiss. 17:02:19
  • You know what? They don’t suck as much as you’d expect a $3 set of tube watercolors to suck. I mean, they aren’t GR… in reply to JustOrb 18:50:24
  • RT @NWSSanAntonio: Remember this heat come January when y'all are complaining about a couple of days below freezing and you're pining for t… 18:55:10
  • Earlier this summer, the Queen of Denmark invited Trump for an official visit. Then Trump got it into his head he w… 20:03:52
  • Have decided to dispense the Daniel Smith watercolors into half pans. Depending on my drying test, I might dispense… 22:12:32
  • Ok, that wasn’t clear. I’d rather the pricey Daniel Smiths dry in pans rather than in the tubes, because I don’t li… in reply to JustOrb 23:22:10
  • I have had two and a half glasses of wine. I don’t actually enjoy wine, therefore, I drink it quickly, which means… 23:31:39
  • I’m cranky. Yup, no particular reason. Just freaking cranky. Perhaps I should toddle off to bed. 23:46:00
  • I continue to suspect this "playing with watercolors" thing is going to lead to me making my own paint. 23:56:17

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