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  • Process refinement and materials testing continues. 11:31:42
  • Now that I’ve made a mess at my work table, I suppose I should put on street clothes, go out into the world, and do… 12:27:07
  • As soon as my phone finishes charging, I shall light a fire under the husband's butt to get him moving in the direc… 13:19:04
  • It’d be great, if just once EVER, the husband would get moving on the stuff that absolutely needs doing without me… 14:32:59
  • RT @mcimaps: On this day in 1920, the #19thAmendment was ratified. The Vote in the US House the year before fell on very strong sectional… 14:38:22
  • Grocery shopping achieved. Current mood: BURN IT ALL! BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND! 15:54:09
  • I’ve just paid the bills. Spectrum has redesigned the account side of their website, and I found it impossible to c… 16:37:52
  • I forgot to go to the liquor store yesterday. We are out of vodka. I suppose I’ll have to make do with chocolate wine. It’s a rough life. 17:08:39
  • "I’m the one that calls the shots on that — on the really big debates. I guess we’re probably planning on three of… 23:52:37