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  • All the things are done. Except packing the stuff I need to take along. I should probably do that right now, but I’… 00:54:35
  • While it is completely irritating when Yuki decides to fly around the house crashing into things while I’m trying t… 01:18:23
  • Meanwhile, Tora is lurking in my vicinity moping. She’s the only cat who seems to always know when I’m about to go… in reply to JustOrb 01:35:03
  • Waiting for a break in rush hour. Traffic is extremely heavy this morning. May take a while to get on the road. Ugh. 08:57:26
  • My day at mom's is going exactly as terribly as I expected it would. That it’s nine million degrees outside is not… 14:50:05
  • Mom probably needs a new cable box. I did not schedule cable box replacing, and the schedule is full. Have rebooted… 15:13:58
  • RT @sqlrob: Given how Mom's dog is acting without any training, and how things are going between him and the cats, I have come to the concl… 17:49:03