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  • This is Ronin. He is an asshole. This pic was taken just before he pawed at Tora one too many times while she was d… 02:29:14
  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (Tx): "I think it’s just too political to do a special session in the middle of all this."

    Su… 11:57:23

  • RT @JasStanford: '90s: Going home to help parents set clock on VCR

    '00s: Going home to hook up WiFi router for parents y

    '10s: Going home… 12:17:04

  • I find it humorous that someone’s first response to not being able to log into an MMO was to delete and reinstall t… 12:54:05
  • Anyway … the ESO PS4 server went sketchy when the Orsinium event started, and it’s been down for maintenance. Tho… in reply to JustOrb 12:57:25
  • ESO PS4 server is back up, and there’s an ESO Plus free trial going on. If you need me, I’ll be running through the… 13:32:01
  • So … I pretty much spent my day gathering resources and organizing my housing goods inventory in ESO today. I do not regret it. 17:28:18
  • Oh, I did do something productive today! I did a few monoprints! 17:47:05
  • Am hungry for lasagna, therefore, I’ve begun making lasagna. Don’t feel like making it but do feel like eating it. The struggle is real. 18:52:56
  • Watch the first episode of Wu Assassins on Netflix. Loved it! Now we can stop watching Another Life, which I do not love. 22:12:09
  • Hey, Walmart … here's a free idea for you. How about you just stop selling guns? 22:30:59
  • Why no, Tora, I don’t want to put my legs on the leg rest area of the recliner. Why would I want to do such a silly… 23:57:35