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  • Was rummaging in my office space for something not at all printer related. Discovered I have a set of colored inks.… 01:59:09
  • Will be picking up black ink at Target today. It’s great I now know how and where to get things printed, there is u… 12:37:08
  • RT @AOC: ICE will launch raids across 10 major cities this SUNDAY.

    Check your neighbors & know your rights.

    Remember: no one can enter yo… 12:41:37

  • Thank the heavens, it appears Twitter is working again. Now I can proceed to complain about the printer not printin… 14:53:30
  • I am going to start day drinking, and it’s all my printer's fault. 14:59:44
  • I have now achieved peak printer irritation. I hate the printer, and I want to throw it in the trash. 15:58:39
  • RT @JYSexton: The "Social Media Summit" was a war council to rally trolls and conspiracy theorists for Trump's 2020 bid and prepare them to… 17:02:50
  • Today has sucked. I’m going to start drinking now. 17:05:57
  • I am a clever monkey. I have printed the medical forms which need filling out. No, the printer is still not printin… 18:42:41
  • I now hate my broken printer for making me sit at my desk in front of my antique computer and do things. I can neve… 18:50:36
  • Ok, I’m gonna stop griping about my broken printer now, because at least my bad day did not include encountering a… 19:15:05
  • My plan for tonight is to make and eat dinner, watch the last episode of #StrangerThings, have a nice long shower,… 19:16:59
  • Alright, I’m not getting to the shower, because I’m too tired for all that standing. I will probably not be staying… in reply to JustOrb 23:52:51