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  • I'd like to apologize for cursing the person who selected the avocados last week for my grocery order. They probabl… 00:29:06
  • It would be awesome if I wasn’t required to have the agility of a circus performer to get into my cat-infested recliner. 12:11:26
  • My gods, it’s hot and awful outside today. If you need me, I’ll be indoors cranking the air conditioning. Possibly forever. 12:54:33
  • Seriously? Another week of Late Show reruns?! I need fresh and new Colbert! Neeeeeed it! 14:03:16
  • And of course, his lawyer is going for the mentally ill excuse. 15:49:23
  • For some reason, even though I am doing all the Monday things, I thought today was Tuesday. 16:08:52
  • So I did this today. I’m beginning to have opinions about particular pigments. I may recreate this on the other pap… 16:47:39
  • Looks like we'll be getting some rain pretty soon. It’ll be better than the heat we’ve got right now. Bring it. 17:11:11
  • I would like to upgrade "getting some rain pretty soon" to "looks like all hell is about to break loose." Has gotte… in reply to JustOrb 17:51:25
  • I will not be boycotting Home Depot because some ass who co-founded it a million years ago and is no longer with th… 18:01:14
  • I have fried okra. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 😂 19:35:59
  • Sure hope there’s still some fried okra left by the time the hubby gets home for dinner. You know every time I go t… 20:13:32

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