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  • RT @JamilSmith: Alex Acosta is Trump’s Secretary of Labor. He gave a child molester a sweetheart deal—and we’ve known this for a while. Why… 00:23:45
  • RT @AwwwwCats: This cat found a foolproof method of avoiding their vet checkup. 12:31:35
  • I have decided I am done with ink markers. I will be returning to using bottled India ink and nibs. It’s just … better. 14:06:03
  • I’m going to suggest to the husband that we should begin training for this event immediately. 14:37:37
  • The grocery list is complete. Now to decide what to wear to the store and get the husband moving. 14:52:11
  • I had a negative health event while grocery shopping, and my faith in humanity has been temporarily restored. There… 18:51:10