One thought on “Recently Seen

  1. The century does appear to be repeating the previous one, not a good thought for the future. The world is coming unglued from its democratic and compassionate moorings. Great ships of state are under threat from these pirates of hate, greed, and selfishness. It may well be, that the uniquely American quality of speaking up, making public the shaming secrets of it’s governments, boldly publishing its faults and errors, will be the saving of its statehood and decency, and holding on to the respect of the rest of the west.

    I worry that in this day, Viet Nam or Watergate would never make it to the media. Wars are sequestered, corruption given a wink and a nod. Now the press is politicised and regarded in Orwellian terms. The UK is acting out a childish drama of who will get the job of pulling the plug on a nation — and so many people are lining up to it. These are dark days indeed.

    As for women with opinions and ideas? I think they may be the only saviours. Stay brave, stay strong, art matters, when Chegal painted Stalin’s head on upside down, it mattered. We are going to need everything we’ve got to get through this. Be the Orb.

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