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  • Watched Deadpool 2. It was okay. I’m not a huge Deadpool fan. I’m sure fans liked it just fine. 00:00:08, 2019-02-24
  • I’ve been having an urge to take up weaving again. Haven’t done it since college. No longer have a loom. I do thoug… 00:37:58, 2019-02-24
  • Will he be having his own fireworks and entertainment? Or will he just claim the preexisting celebration (aka A Cap… 10:32:05, 2019-02-24
  • Going to Mom's for two days again tomorrow. Therefore, I must do all of tomorrow's housework today. I am not happy… 10:42:36, 2019-02-24
  • Guess I should get out of the recliner and put on clothes, so the husband will know I’m serious that we need to get stuff done today. 11:22:07, 2019-02-24
  • Laundry started. Grocery list made. Now to get clothes on the husband, so we can go have brunch and get shit done. 11:51:08, 2019-02-24
  • Brunch and grocery shopping done. Now I shall enjoy a short break to drink some Italian soda, then back to the laundry. 15:19:53, 2019-02-24
  • It’s Oscars night tonight, isn’t it? Blech. I’d rather watch more Umbrella Academy. 15:29:37, 2019-02-24
  • Dishes and dinner are the only two things I must get done yet today. Oh, and putting the sheets back on the bed. That’d probably be nice. 18:56:05, 2019-02-24
  • More and more often, it feels like my oven has become unreliable. 20:05:20, 2019-02-24
  • Even though I’m super tired and have a lot of driving and manual labor to do tomorrow, I’m not going to bed at 11 p… 23:06:32, 2019-02-24

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